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Desk Supply Tray

Desk Supply Tray

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A functional, yet elegant desk accessory for holding your essential supplies. Designed and personally used by David Allen. Manufactured by Giorgio Fedon in Italy.

Once you feel this tray with your fingertips and the precision with which the small boxes slide back and forth along the track of this tray, it will quickly become one of your favorite desk accessories. This functional tray has just the right amount of room for keeping those appropriate administrative supplies instantly at hand.

In keeping with the GTD standard of as much as you really need but no more, this desk accessory tray from Giorgio Fedon is perfect. The minimalist design is efficient and elegant.

David uses it for paper clips, binder clips, stamps, a small digital recorder, sticky arrow markers and sticky notes, and anything he has to grab and take on the go. It is great for the few things that you don't want to have to fumble for in a drawer but which you don't want just scattered on your desktop.

This tray nests two smaller trays. They easily move so you can adjust the spacing to your needs. You'll be more productive with everything set up and in its place for easy retrieval.

- Tray contains two smaller movable inner trays that slide in both directions.
- Measures 16" long x 4¼" wide x 1⅓" high (40.6 cm x 10.8 cm x 3.4 cm)
- Construction is leather-like material and metal.