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The GTD Path to Clarity, Success, and a Stress-Free Life program features David Allen and two senior GTD coaches, Meg Edwards and Marian Bateman, in a rich and lively discussion on the best practices of GTD. Includes over 5 hours of audio on 6 MP3 tracks and a PDF of GTD Methodology Guides.

3 Days to Clarity

In this 3 MP3 audio series, David Allen explains how to get control of all the open loops in your life that are tugging on your psyche, draining your energy and standing in the way of you accomplishing more important things you want. This series dives deeply into discussing the Collect, Process, and Organize phases of GTD to lay the foundation for successful implementation.

Critical Success Factors

In this 2 MP3 audio series, David Allen, Meg Edwards, and Marian Bateman take you through how to keep the system going by examining the Review and Do phases of GTD. Learn how to review your system, including what to review when and the different horizons of focus, so you can trust the choices you are making about what to do. Also includes an in-depth walk through of the Weekly Review, with Coach Meg Edwards sharing her recommendations on how to productively spend an hour getting clear and current.

Stress-Free Life

In this MP3, you'll hear about what life is like with the GTD system. You'll hear how you can experience less stress, more relaxation, greater focus and feel more in control as a lifelong practice.

GTD Methodology Guides

The GTD Methodology Guides, one of our most popular products, distill the best practices of GTD into beautifully designed color templates. Includes the new color version of the processing & organizing phases on the GTD Workflow Diagram.

Note: This audio program was previously available in the "GTD System Starter Kit" on 6 CDs. If you purchased that product, you do not need to purchase this program, unless you are specifically looking for MP3 versions of those audio tracks.

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