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GTD System Folders - Letter size

GTD System Folders

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The GTD® System File Folders give you the essential category of folders, recommended by David Allen, for organizing your pending work. Consistently one of our bestselling products and a great way to get started with implementing GTD.

David originally designed his own set of six file folders to support his two decades of 200+ days on the road. Aligned to the principles of GTD, six of these folders are imprinted with the essential categories:

1. In
2. To Home
3. To Office
4. Read/Review
5. Action Support
6. Waiting For Support

The additional six folders are blank for you to label as you wish.

For your desk or briefcase, these sturdy plastic folders, open on three sides, are the easiest way to keep paperwork organized at all times.

Included in this set:
- 12 sturdy plastic file folders, open on three sides. Six are labeled and six are blank.
- Letter size folders, commonly used in North America (for holding 8½" x 11" paper), with each folder measuring 11⅝" (29.5cm) long x 9" (23 cm) high.