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The GTD® Methodology Guides distill the best practices of GTD into a handy PDF download.

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The GTD® Methodology Guides, one of our most popular products, distill the best practices of GTD into a handy PDF download.

Each page covers one of the key models for learning and maintaining your GTD practice including:

1. Incompletion Trigger Lists (for doing a Mind Sweep)
2. Natural Planning Model® (to help plan your projects)
3. Project Planning Trigger List (to help generate creative ideas)
4. Mastering Workflow Overview (to remind you of the 5 steps of getting control)
5. The GTD Weekly Review® checklist (to coach you through the critical success factor)
6. The GTD Clarifying Map (featuring the updated version released in 2015)
7. Horizons of Focus® (for developing your priorities)


Letter size – PDF download, A4 size – PDF download

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